Marcel Leal

I’m a experienced designer, ready to put all my 20 years of experience to work for your company.


20+ years of experience in branding, packaging and all kind of design projects. UI and UX are also part of my work, as some programming languages to help with apps and web frontend.

Digital Marketing

From traditional campaigns, with offline and online ads, to inbound marketing strategies. We've never skills enough in this area, so I'm always learning and reading new methods and techniques to bring results.


I founded a gamification startup back in 2012, and I am still working with companies even after we closed. I'm passioned about the theme and an evangelist, doing a lot of talks and workshops at schools, universities and companies.

Marcel leal


Designer with more than 20 years of professional experience, most of all in senior and management positions with creative teams at media and advertising agencies.

Autodidact, self-motivated and aggregative leadership, used to innovation, technology and design thinking in startup and corporate world.

With an enterpreneur profile and challenge driven, helped companies in operational and tecnhology solutions to increase productivity and solve operational problems.

Passionate about technology and extreme familiarity with programming environment, designing and implementing systems in the various database, web and mobile programming languages and frameworks (e.g. mySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS etc).



Motorola has a team that helps on testing the smartphones that will still be launched. To help increase the engagement of the program we create a narrative of secret agents of a new team, the DF/Squad, who is in charge that all the tests are fulfilled before these devices reach the shelves.

In addition to the gamification strategy and the application itself, we aligned a communication that caused this immersion in the collaborators increasing even more the engagement of the program.

Check the launch teaser!


Fini is a sweets company, who already one of the best places to work in Brazil, most of it due to the concern with the development of its collaborators.

In 2017 a program was successfully structured to reinforce values and culture of the company. This year we include gamification in this annual training. The employees became heroes in a journey with a lot of play, bringing the good practices of the company.

This narrative helps increase the retention of any training by associating other sensations and memories with content.

How can we forget that we were heroes for a day?

Trade Rally

Solvian is a software company that develops solutions for real-time management and control of field operations.

Trade Rally is one of it and we had a well-defined audience – young competitive people – then we gave the application an interface and we used this Rally theme for promoters to feel motivated in a competition.

Routine activities now are missions that fill the fuel tank and improve the performance of the “drivers.”

The result of gamification strategy was an increase of 22% in sales and 39% in utilisation of app.

  • Marcel, as Creative Director of Elemidia, has always been dedicated and collaborative. Under his management the areas of creation and production have become fundamental in sustaining the business. His performance qualified him for the company’s stock options program.

    Gabriel Forjaz

    CEO, OnTT
  • One of the most talented illustrators I know. Versatile, he masters diverse techniques of illustration. Can understand the purpose of the briefing and respond visually right away. Ethical and dynamic professional, it contributes to the conceptual development of the projects in which it is involved amplifying the results.

    Renata Godoy

    CEO, Designful
  • Marcel is an excellent designer with tremendous talent. We worked on two packaging development projects. Very creative and a team worker, Marcel definitely added exponential value to jobs with his perspective and strategic design experience. I definitely learned a lot from this professional who is a quality benchmark.

    Fernando Tavares

    Founder, Outstrend


Let me know if you have any doubt about my work and my skills. I’m in Brazil right now, but I’m planning to leave for new experiences and opportunities.

I’m pretty sure that we can help your creative team and bring fresh ideas in design and marketing to your company or startup.

Of course, wherever I can, all with a bit of fun and gamification.